Are You Intrepid?

Recently our friends at Intrepid Travel posed the question “Are You Intrepid?” and encouraged travelers far and wide to share their most intrepid experience. Through videos, photos, and even words, over 800 individuals shared their inspiring tales. And we’re sure that you will find inspiration in this video from the winner – Nicolas Bori.

We are fans of incorporating small group tours, like Intrepid’s, into your career break. Why? Because long-term traveling can be exhausting and sometimes it’s nice to take a break from your break and let someone else do the planning.

From enjoying weird and wonderful modes of transport, to visiting the world’s most eye-popping sights or sharing a smile with a local family over dinner – it’s these transcendent moments when you know you’re really alive that Intrepid prides themselves on. With Intrepid you can experience freedom, flexibility and unsurpassed local knowledge in some of the most magical, far-flung, breathtaking places known to man.

Start exploring Intrepid’s adventures now!

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