Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

We’re in the process of writing entries for Croatia. In the meantime, check out Sherry’s post from Otts World:

[singlepic=1257,200,,,right]Getting Fresh in Croatia
The first thing that struck me was the smell when the taxi dropped me off at my hostel in Dubrovnik. It wasn’t a fowl smell – quite the contrary – it was a beautiful spring flower smell – completely stunning. I went for a brisk morning run along the water – the air was cool but perfect for running. While I was running someone was out cutting grass…and it smelled so fresh – flooding my brain with memories of spring! It’s a weird feeling to experience spring when you never had a winter – I felt like I was cheating in a way…but it was a welcome feeling as spring and fall are my favorite times of year in the states. Read More

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